SM Thompson Continues Charity Support

Throughout the years we have always been happy to support may local organisations and both local and national charities within the UK.

We have been a long-term supporter of Spring Big Top Show by Circus Starr which takes place in Middlesbrough every year. Circus Starr is an able to introduce many of the underprivileged children and children with disabilities in our community to the magic of circus. Circus star can create a spell-binding, uplifting, feel-good experience for families who struggle to find or afford leisure activities that can meet their child’s needs.

About Circus Starr ….

 “We do it because nearly 1.5 million UK families can’t afford a single day out together. We do it because 50% of families with disabled children say that the stigma and discrimination they face makes them feel isolated. We create a magical world, harnessing the power of the circus and invite families with all kinds of different needs to have fun together in a safe, welcoming and unique atmosphere. In the Spring and Autumn Circus Starr can be experienced under the starry canopy of our big top; when winter makes accessibility more difficult, we perform indoors – using existing buildings during the colder and more unpredictable months means that we never disappoint our deserving audiences.”

SM Thompson are proud to support them  and will happily do for the foreseeable future.

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