Press Braking North East

Press braking or steel bending is a procedure for forming a flat, sheet metal workpiece. It immediately follows cutting in the processing chain. The workpiece lies on a bottom tool with a v-shaped opening. A wedge-shaped tool (punch) presses the workpiece into the v-opening and thus bends it to the desired angle.

SM Thompson has extensive experience with bending and forming of plate, having introduced it over 15 years ago. We are constantly developing manufacturer techniques and purchasing new machinery which allows use to give you a first-rate service. Not only can we press mild steel but we can offer pressing on a multitude of steel specification Aluminum, Stainless, Hard wearing, S690QL, boiler and pressure vessel grades.

We currently have two CNC press braking machines; one 400t 4000mm long and 500t over 5000mm long. Both CNC presses can offer a wide variety of radii, our body of work includes concentric and eccentric cones, channels, angles, square to round cones, lobster backs and digger buckets.

Similar to plate rolling it is difficult to say what our limitations are as every enquiry is bespoke, we are happy to quote for the smallest of enquiries to the more complex ones. Send your enquiry to us here

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