Plate Rolling

The process of plate rolling is where a plate is fed through a series of rollers, usually 3-4 and is passed forwards and backwards in order to achieve a desired curvature. The rolls are powered with hydraulic motors to extort pressure onto the steel plate. The pressure on each roll will determine the curvature of the steel and with the moving rollers it enables the operative to control the curve of the plate.

SM Thompson are well established within the plate rolling sector. We have invested heavily in this sector and are constantly streamlining working processes. We can offer plate rolling on free issue material, stainless grades, S355 grades, boiler and pressure grade.

Our new CNC rolls have increased our capacity of rolling up to 65mm thick over 3000mm and up to 110mm over shorter lengths. The new set of 4 roller system can also allow us to prepress the ends which minimises waste. A weld prepping service is also available in a variety of different ways from flame and plasma cut. For smaller and thinner material, we have a range of variable geometry rolls.

SM Thompson has supplied to all different sectors such as Oil and Gas Industry, Construction, Wind Farms, and Fabrication.

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