Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has long been a service at S M Thompson but we are proud to announce that we have invested in a new Bystronic fibre laser 4000 x 2000 bed size. This high-end fiber laser represents precise Bystronic technology, a stable cutting process up to the highest laser power. The cutting head is the core element for a stable cutting process and constantly high parts quality. This applies all the more with increasing laser power, which must be brought to the cutting material precisely and reliably. To enable this, Bystronic has consistently continued to develop the Fiber cutting head. Optimal cooling in the cutting head ensures constantly precise cutting performance, particularly for long-lasting cutting operation with high laser power.

We are currently offering cutting up to 25mm mild steel, stainless and 30mm aluminium.

The Bystronic machine is highly efficient, enabling us to offer better lead times with an exceptional cut quality and accuracy. Further to its fantastic cut quality the laser can offer an excellent etching service suitable for bend lines, and profile identifications. This is a vital service for larger orders to enable you to identify your parts quickly and therefore saving you valuable time and money.

Watch our video about the new technology we have invested in here.

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