Flame Cutting

All of our flame cutting machines are CNC (computer numerically controlled), plate cutting can be from as thin as 1mm up to 350mm thick plate. The bed sizes are approx. 3000mm x 18000mm long which can be extended if needs be to meet your bespoke requirements. In addition to this, we have a 30 tonne crane which enables us to lift larger, heavier plate, ideal for the flame cutter. We offer flame cutting usually from approximately 40mm and upwards, but are happy to offer on thinner thicknesses should you require a square cut edge.  The process of all thickness is the same, as the area is preheated or burnt, (thermos-chemical process) this process gives a clean, square cut from the plate edge which is slag free.

The plate is heated with a flame (you can use a variety of gases such as acetylene or propane) and the plate is heated up to a molten state. Then it is blown away by an oxygen jet through the centre of the nozzle. Flame cutting can offer on a variety of complex shapes, as all of our flame cutters are pre-programmed CNC and uploaded with your dxf, nc, or dwg files. If you are looking for quality precise flame cut parts SM Thompson Ltd has comprehensive experience. We have used this process at S M Thompson Ltd for well over 40 years and we are constantly developing  to make the system more efficient and keeping the quality of a high standard which we are proud of.

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