Bevel Cutting North East

Originally bevel cutting was often a time-consuming expensive job but with our versatile ESAB plasma bevel it is designed for speed and precision. Program-controlled torches can be moved on multiple axes, while the advanced height control systems allow extremely precise bevel tolerances. A large number of available bevel angles can be achieved from V cuts, K cuts, X cuts see table below.

The ESAB plasma bevel also has the capability of offering a varied chamfer (multiple angles) on more complex profiles max angle of 45 degrees.

The current cutting bed size is approx. 12000mm x 3000mm, offering plasma bevelling up the 35mm thick (dependent on the angle), cutting with precision hole technology when cutting upright.

To complement our plasma bevel we also offer a variety of chamfering/bevelling machines which can also offer a similar service on larger and thinner profiles. We are continually investing in new products and services to enable us to stay at the frontline of our industry.

Got a question about our bevel cutting service? Give our specialist sales team a call on 01642 245 161 or complete our enquiry form here

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